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And then... OTHER STUFF HAPPENED! (*In a really piratey voice. Arghhh...)

2015-02-27 02:19:35 by Deathmeister111

          SO its been like a month and i havent done near enough stuff on here to justify an active account. this is why i dont make accounts for stuff. i make them and then never use them. like ebay. Why would I make that account? we all know im poor. And when i do have money I always end up  blowing my money on useless crap. for example, i recently bought a titanic ice cube maker. did i need it? no. is it hillarious when you drop a regular ice cube on top of a titanic ice cube and scream "ABANDON SHIP! WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST! AHH CRAP WHERE ARE MY FLOATIES WHEN I NEED THEM!" yes. I currently need a new charger for my laptop. (borrowing from a friend) Every time i get up to get a drink i feel both ashamed and about break another glass from laughter.

          The worse part is i recently found a new sight to feed my adiction. the sight is called My most recent purchase was glow in the dark toilet paper. Can you say pranks? can you say glow in the dark bum? can you say Midnight-no-light-poop-spree? anyway i figure thats enough. i still have no friends on hee so whatever. gonna play some games. hope to find some good one.

May the force be with you



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2015-02-27 07:40:21

Holy shit your post is funny as hell man. Made me laugh good.

Deathmeister111 responds:

thank you. thats what i was aiming for.